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Tourist PoliceThe Koh Chang Tourist Police Welcomes You!

The Royal Thai Tourist Police Force was established to help protect and serve the needs of foreign tourists visiting Thailand. They are an arm of the Royal Thai Police and often allow foreign nationals to join and assist them as volunteers.

So don’t be surprised if you encounter a foreign Tourist Police Officer.  They are expats who give up their free time to help visitors to Thailand in need of assistance.

Members of the Koh Chang Tourist Police create a link the Thai community and foreign visitors and as such are here to try to ensure that all visitors have a pleasant stay in on the island and elsewhere in Thailand.

They are trained to understand grievances and problems from the tourist’s point of view. However, they will also uphold the law and should not be viewed as a ‘soft touch’ when compared to the foreign community.

What does the Tourist Police do?

The Koh Chang Tourist Police can provide assistance with many things e.g. :

 – In the event of a Criminal Act:  For example, assault or robbery. We can interface with the local police and offer translation services.  Plus help contact relatives and your Embassy if required.

– In the event of a Dispute: We offer assistance with disputes between Thai nationals and foreign visitors.  For example between shop keepers, hotel staff or scooter rental businesses and customers.  In fact, disputes arising over scooter rental and damage resulting from an accident is a common issue we face.  It’s important to remember that it is illegal to ride a scooter unless you have a valid license that allows you to do this in your own country.

– Assistance with scooter and car accidents: We can help you to fill out forms, get help from your insurance company etc

– Directions and Information: Don’t worry, we offer directions and information on what ever you need on Koh Chang.

However, if you have any problems with your Visa for Thailand or damage your passport you will also need to contact the Immigration Department.  They have an office on Koh Chang where you can obtain advice.  But to extend your Tourist Visa you will have to go to the office in Laem Ngop on the mainland.  More details on how to do this at TratImmigration.com

Enjoy your holidays!



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